#Major Content Mods

Large Minecraft mods that I have created, or had a large part in creating.


— Project Manager, Developer CurseForge | GitHub | YouTube Video

Chisel adds a massive amount of new decorative blocks to the game, most of which are variants on existing blocks. It utilizes a unique crafting method, the chisel, to choose between the myriad options available to the player. Many of the blocks use advanced rendering, colloquially known as "CTM", or connected textures.

I began working on the Chisel project in early 2015, mainly to do bug fixing and quality-of-life changes. Eventually, I became the main developer on the project, and along with Drullkus and minecreatr have maintained the mod since then, including a full rewrite for Minecraft 1.8+. Since then, the sister mod CTM was born when I realized the rendering part would be useful to other modders, and artists in general.

Since August 2015, Chisel has been downloaded over 40 million times from CurseForge.


— Creator CurseForge | GitHub | Wiki

Connected Textures Mod is a utility for artists. It extends the Minecraft model and texture metadata formats with additional capabilities, such as connected textures, patterns, edge blending, and emissivity. It requires no code to be used, only edits to the JSON files that make up a resource pack.

CTM is used by mods to enhance their blocks, such as Twilight Forest, Immersive Engineering, and Mekanism, as well as many more. Since May 2017, it has been downloaded over 22 million times from CurseForge.


— Community Manager, DevOps, Former Project Manager CurseForge | GitHub | YouTube Video

EnderIO is a massive tech mod, with a magical theme focused on souls and industry. The most distinctive feature is its conduits, which allow transporting items, fluid, power, redstone, and more within a single block. Since 2013 when CrazyPants started the mod, it has grown into one of the largest tech mods, with content for almost every aspect of the game.

I joined the mod in 2014, mostly as a wiki editor, and doing small pull requests. Soon I was brought on as an official developer, and later when CrazyPants had less time to devote to the mod, the main developer. Eventually, I also had less time to devote to EnderIO, so the torch was passed on. But I remain an active part of the team, mainly running the discord server, website, and continuous integration services.

Since August 2013, EnderIO has been downloaded over 30 million times from CurseForge.

Practical Space Fireworks

— Developer CurseForge | GitHub | Wiki

Practical Space Fireworks brings the concept of satellites into Minecraft. It allows the player to build completely free-form rockets, fill them with fuel, and build satellites that will then be launched in to orbit to perform various functions, such as reconnaissance, mapping, and giant space lasers.

Practical Space Fireworks began as a mod created for ModJam 5, a mod creation competition that takes place over a weekend, in 2018. Since then it has had multiple updates to bring the mod into a more stable and complete state.

#Small Mods

Smaller Minecraft mods that I have created, or had a large part in creating.


— Creator GitHub

Not quite a mod, Registrate is a library for mods that aims to make managing game objects (known as "registration") much easier to use and organize. It implements a generic, extensible API for creating any type of game object, and built in helpers for the most commonly used ones.

It is used by many large projects, including Chisel (since 1.16), Create, and more.


— Creator CurseForge | GitHub | Demonstration

Blur simply adds an effect to the background of all GUIs, blurring out the world behind them. It is highly configurable, and very pretty.


— Creator CurseForge | GitHub

ColorblindHelper allows the user to customize the look of items in the game, to better distinguish certain items from others. It is targeted at colorblind players, who may not be able to easily tell the difference between the many different items of modded minecraft.

WAILA Plugins

— Creator CurseForge | GitHub

Adds a large amount of plugins for the popular information mod WAILA.


— Creator CurseForge | GitHub | YouTube Video

A silly mod that adds the popular toy of the same name into the game. They can be thrown at varying speeds, bounce off of and break blocks, and damage entities.

Tree Growing Simulator

— Creator CurseForge | GitHub | YouTube Video

TGS was made in 2014 specifically for the SkyFactory modpack. It does one simple thing: trees grow when you dance near them. While simple, this revolutionizes the beginning of the popular "skyblock" game type. Less waiting, more dancing!

Simple Achievements

— Creator CurseForge | GitHub

Simple Achievements was also made specifically for the SkyFactory modpack. It provides a simple book of achievements for the player to complete, which are not tied to any specific criteria; essentially, a checklist. While simple on the surface, it is fully configurable for modpack developers to add whatever achievements they desire.


Mods and projects which I have made significant contributions to.


— Project Member GitHub

The most popular modding API for Minecraft. I joined the MinecraftForge project in 2018 to assist with managing issues and pull requests, and was soon brought on as a developer to assist with the update to Minecraft 1.13. Before 2018 I had made many pull requests to add various features. In total I have made nearly 50 pull requests to Forge, and many more direct contributions since being brought on as a developer.


— Project Member CurseForge | GitHub

One of the oldest mods still receiving updates, Tropicraft adds a whole new dimension to the game. An idyllic, charming paradise in which to dream, explore, and let your creativity run free: The Tropics. Lush forests, winding rivers, and oceans teeming with life make the tropics a place for endless exploration and discovery.

I joined the Tropicraft project in 2017, shortly after my trip to Minecon 2016 where I met the creators Cojomax99 and Corosus. Since then I have assisted with the arduous update to Minecraft 1.10 from 1.7, and further maintenance and features. Before joining the project I did not know much about it, but I have come to realize why so many adore the mod, and why it continues to find its place in the community today.

#Past Projects

One-off or discontinued projects I had large involvement with.


— Co-Organizer Website

Not a mod, but a yearly weekend-long charity stream to raise money for a variety of causes, all focused on climate change and how it impacts the tropical areas of the planet. The event takes place in Minecraft, as a hosted server that anyone can join for a minimum donation. The stream is 48 hours long, and offers wall-to-wall activities and giveaways.

In 5 years we have raised over $200,000 for relief efforts. Come join us for LoveTropics 2022, which we're planning to be bigger and better than ever before!


— Author Website | CurseForge

The Creatubbles integration mod integrats the creatubbles.com service, a place for kids around the world to share their art, into Minecraft. Browse your artwork, print it onto hangable paintings, and capture screenshots and GIFs to upload to the service.


— Creator CurseForge | GitHub | Wiki

Custom Things is a mod which allows the creation of custom items, blocks, achievements, and recipes via JSON files. Originally published in 2015, it was one of the first mods to promote this capability to modpack developers. I have discontinued the mod, but many like it continue to exist.